Great Is Your Faithfulness

With 2 1/2 weeks of travel behind us and just over one more week to go, we wanted to thank you all for your prayers.  They have covered us every step of the way, we have no doubt.  We also wanted to share with you what we are thanking God for today.  We sat around during dinner and named things we have been thankful for thus far.  Below is our list, some from Ken and me and some from the kids.

Thankful for:
  • Both boys adjusting amazingly well.  They like us. They choose to be with us among a crowd of people. They both seem to genuinely enjoy being a part of our family, even if they don't yet understand they ARE our family.
  • Kisses and hugs already from both boys to each one of us. They don't "dislike" any of us, even though they do have preferences. 
  • No illnesses, other than simple cough, headache and sore throat that improved.
  • Now having 3 brothers.
  • Nice hotels.
  • Hotel having swimming pools.
  • Having two rooms.
  • Uneventful flights and transportation.
  • AC in our hotels. We can always cool off here.
  • Discovery and National Geographic in English on the TVs.
  • (HBO, too, which we don't watch because it's usually too tacky.)
  • Great Wall Mutianyu trip: perfect weather, clear skies, toboggan and ski lift.
  • No-stress enjoyment at the Great Wall.
  • Hotel non-smoking rooms.
  • American chain restaurants delivery to the hotel! (McDs, KFC, Papa John's)
  • The Brownies. Not only have they been a MAJOR help, but they have gotten along with each other amazingly well these past 2 1/2 weeks.
  • Our marriage! This experience has certainly put us to the test and with God, we make a great team.
  • No stinky diapers!! (Travis fully potty trained. Tian doing well with potty training. About 70% number 1 and 100% number 2. I'm seriously buying some split pants for when we are at home. They are genius!)
  • Except for 2 rough nights Travis had, both boys have slept well.
  • Kindness from Chinese people.
  • Helpful guides.
  • VPN so we can blog, post photos and Skype with relative ease.
  • Banking success while here, even with a few bumps in the road.
  • God's hand over this entire process.
  • Boys having no "surprise" problems or issues we didn't expect.
  • New adventures, beauty, and places to see every day.
  • The opportunity to really experience China, our boys' homeland.
There is so much more we could thank God for, but those are what we came up with over dinner.  If you could continue your prayers on our behalf, we would appreciate them!  We still need prayer for
  • our own patience during the last week here
  • major travel coming up: 1.5 hours tomorrow, 2.5 hours on the 28th, 12 hours on the 29th, 3 hours on the 30th.  That's a lot of air time! The idea of so many hours on an airplane with the boys probably causes me the greatest stress.  I shouldn't worry, because God has answered our pleas so far, so I know He will give us grace in this.  I'm still fighting anxiousness.
  • all paperwork to process on time in Guangzhou
  • medical exams and TB tests to turn out well


  1. I am thanking God for bringing Tian and Travis into your family and for His loving watchfulness over all seven of you. May you continue to seek His guidance in all you do as He blesses and cares for you. To God be the glory.

  2. I'm continuing to pray for each of you...

    At least home will be at the end of all those flights :-D


  3. love keeping up with your family! prayers and thoughts your way!


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