Three More Hours

In just one and a half hours, we meet our group in the lobby and take a short drive over to the registration office.  Some of the kids could be there waiting for us.  Some may arrive later, depending on traffic.  Since Tian lives here in Zhengzhou, we are hoping that means we will either be there waiting or will arrive pretty quickly.

My last thoughts before going are simply that Ken and I can't wait to love this boy!  We know this week will be challenging and beyond anything we expected.  We also know Tian will bring us joy beyond what we could expect.  In our hearts, Tian has been our son for almost one year.  Now it's time to teach him what that means to HIM.

Tian, we're on our way!


  1. so happy for you all...can't wait to see the pictures and hear about your day :)


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