More About Adoption Day

I don't know when I'm going to have time to refine my notes into an actual post, so for now, here are my notes. Hopefully, you can make sense of them.  This is from yesterday.

Travis not wanting to eat much.
Tian fussy from early morning.

Waiting in lobby, I could tell Tian was fussy.  Peed all over me and the floor in restroom. (Third day of wearing same clothes.)

Met guide, reg office. Kenzie fever and crying. Tian a big fuss bucket.
Waited in a hot room, visiting with the orphanage director and other workers.
Presented us with a beautiful panda plate.

Finally went into room.  Interviewed this time, unlike before.
Tian fussed through the entire thing. Brownies helped a lot.

Finally out, headed to notary office.  Much quicker and less stressful. Across the street was pharmacy, so got Tylenol and Motrin for Kenzie as well as some cough drops for TJ.

Stopped by the laundry on the way to pick up our clothes. Yay! Driving was crazy! Tight squeezes!

Once back at hotel, guide ordered McDonalds who delivered burgers. SO good after over a week of none.  Wish I had gotten a picture, but that's tough considering.

Swimming. Tian likes jumping. Travis not a fan.  Very slippery tile.

Killed time in hotel room.  Getting a little tired of hotel living, but our house will seem like a mansion when we get back.

Played, read books, ate, computer time, ball in the hall, TV, and close family time.  Ken took taxi to the market for some noodles.

Bed time seemed easier for Travis as he went to sleep without crying, but after 30 minutes, woke up crying.


  1. I'm overwhelmed just reading it. Prayers for health and rest for everyone. I know it will be wonderful to get everyone home!

    Lisa J.

  2. Praying for health for all those kiddos and supernatural physical and emotional strength for you and Ken. What a rollercoaster of emotions for all of you and I'm sure you're completely worn out.


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