Besties and Brothers

Travis went shopping with Ken, then when they got home, he came running up the stairs, screaming happily all the way.

He ran into the kitchen, looking for and finding Tian.  He was waving two electric Thomas the Train toothbrushes in his hands.

He handed one toothbrush to Tian and signed, "Toothbrush!! Thomas!"

Tian gasped with a thrilled smile and signed, "Thank you!"

Travis leaned over, hugged Tian, kissed him on the forehead, gave him a thumbs up, then invited him to go with him to the bathroom to brush their teeth.

Sweet sweet sweet!!  These boys are best friends and brothers for life!  Ken and I thank God every day for His leading us to bring them both home together.


  1. Cute story and the added benefit is they ENJOY brushing their teeth (rare!) :)

  2. Love it! Love those happy faces!

  3. I just love it. God knows what He's doing when He forms families. What a blessing!

  4. It is indeed a blessing that they are together as brothers and best friends for life AND having you both along with their other siblings.

  5. Those boys are the cutest and now I have a mean craving for ice cream in a waffle cone!!!
    How is the ASL coming along?? The thumbs up pic is beyond adorable.

  6. Ken and Sarah - I really enjoyed this awesome blog ... God blessing you and your famly. HUGS ... G.Davis

  7. It is really lovely to see their brotherhood is strong bonded.


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