Road Trip! RV Style!

The Brown Seven are getting ready to head out on a two-week RV trip to Louisville, Kentucky and back.  We will be attending the National Association of the Deaf Biennial Convention and Kentucky DeafFestival.

We made the decision to rent an RV so we could enjoy the long drive up and back.  I wouldn't say it's a money-saving way to travel, but we will have more freedom to get out, play, and move driving an RV as opposed to staying in hotels.  I know we'll see some money savings in our meals, since my goal is to make our meals most of the time.
Our plan is to leave Dallas and head to Lake DeGray for the night.  We should have a little bit of time to see the lake and walk in the woods.  Then we will head to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky for a two-night stay at Jellystone RV park.  It looks like a fun place!

From there, we'll head up to our main destination in Lousiville.  We'll basically be staying in a glorified parking lot with laundry and bath facilities, but that's what you get when you're conveniently located downtown.

On our way home, we'll drive a tad north, stopping for a couple of nights in St. Louis, then make our way to visit Ken's family in Oklahoma.

My goal is to blog about our RV adventure as we go, so be looking for those updates at the end of next week!  Now, it's time for me to get shopping for our trip!


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