Day Two: The Long Drive - Arkansas to Kentucky

We woke up early this morning, set the RV back for daytime use (a breeze), then started cooking breakfast: Zip-Lock Bag omelets with turkey sausage and green onions.  

I went down to the bath house with a couple of the kids.  I took a quick shower and felt like a new man!!
Once all packed up, we pulled out of the campsite.  Ken and I did our first “dump” together.  It was so romantic!  Actually, because of the way this RV is set up, it was very easy.  Easier than dumping the hybrid trailer we had borrowed.
Despite lots of hours on the road, including a good 30-minute stop on the interstate for road construction, the day was great!  I got some fun video of the older kids cracking up, playing with some of the boys’ matching cards.  They got along most of the day.  While we were stopped in traffic, we let the little boys out of their car seats to play.  (My next blog will link to photos.)
In the afternoon, I tried my hand at driving the RV.  I did very well, if I do say so myself, but Ken quickly realized that driving was much less stressful than trying to keep the 5 kids happy and alive, so he had me pull over after just 30 minutes behind the wheel.  It was a true blessing!  When we pulled over, we noticed a big, black train engine across the lot.  I walked over there with Travis (who was fussing like crazy) to see what was up.  Travis instantly perked up when he saw the train.  

(I'm having trouble posting photos.  I'll add them later.)

We had stumbled on a Casey Jones Village, including a train museum!  We asked what we could do and see without paying admission and they sent us to the gift shop.  It was amazing!  Electric trains, Thomas everywhere, movies playing, two train tables set up.  The boys were in heaven!
After a good half hour in the train gift shop, Kenzie, TJ and I headed across the lot to the Old Country Store.  Since we were already pulled over, we decided to grab dinner (Little Caesars) and fill up the gas tank so that we could drive on to Mammoth Cave.
We arrived at Jellystone Camp around 10:15, but could tell it’s very neat!! Can’t wait to see it tomorrow!  The kids went right to sleep tonight, which is good! The sun rises at 5:30!


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