Pre-Trip: RV Pick Up and Packing

Today, all seven of us spent our morning running errands.  Our plan had been to grocery shop, but things don’t always go as planned. 
We had to get our SUV inspected.  Again.  It hadn’t passed due to the computer not reading it right, so they reset something and had us drive over the weekend, then try again once we went 50 miles.  It failed again today, so we drove over to the Ford Dealership.  They knew immediately what was wrong: the car place wasn’t setting the weight right in the system.  I still don’t understand what exactly happened, but we drove back to Driver’s Edge where they set things right and our SUV finally passed inspection.  Third time’s a charm.  But that little excursion (Ha! See what I did there? Our SUV is an Excursion.) ate up our morning, so we only had time to run to Walgreens for prescription refills, pick up a few burgers for lunch, and then head home so the boys could nap.
After getting the kids settled in, Ken and I went to American Dream Vacations to pick up the RV.  Not taking the kids was a most excellent decision!  After a little over a half-hour of signing paperwork, we went out into the 106-degree heat to do the RV walk-through.  The technician first showed us how to power on the generator and turn on the AC.  Obviously, the AC is the most important thing.  However, that meant we spent the next hour and a half in the sweltering heat, first walking around the outside of the RV, then checking out the inside.  When we were outside, it felt like my flip flops were melting into the asphalt.  The inside of the RV began to cool off a little just as we were leaving.  Our technician was nice and super-helpful.  Kudos to him for working out in that heat all the time!  On the drive home, I felt nauseated.  I must be a heat wimp!
Ken was a pro driving the 31-foot motorhome.  He said it was comfortable and easy to drive; he just had to remain mindful of the fact that braking would take longer and it was 13 feet high.
The kids were excitedly waiting outside when we pulled in to the apartment.  One of our maintenance guys was kind enough to move his car so we were able to park right in front of the house.  
Ken and I rested a few minutes, took several loads down to the RV, then decided to call it a night.  We were beat and had a long day ahead of us.


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