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Language Boom!

Just a month and a half ago, I typed up the previous blog.  To quote myself: " We are still waiting for Travis' expressive language to emerge beyond the basics.  " Well, he's doing it!  Over the past few months, Ken and I have been catching Travis expressing his own thoughts and ideas.  It started one night when we were playing a conversation game at dinner.  Each kid was naming his or her favorite holiday.  When it came to Travis, he began by copying what the previous sibling had said about Halloween.  But then....BUT THEN, he started adding thoughts that no other person at the table had shared. "I like Halloween.  Remember, I dressed up as Iron Man and Tian was Spiderman. And we went from house to house, knocking on the doors.  They gave me candy and I said thank you.  Iron Man is my favorite. Remember I opened the box you gave me?  It was an Iron Man ornament!" (This is about the time that Ken and I are shooting looks at each other, as if to say, &