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Quick Getaway to Corpus Cristi

[NOTE: I found this buried in my drafts from last July!  Enjoy a bit of the beach in the middle of winter] We are planning a significant summer vacation next year, so didn't plan any major travel this summer.  Late July, though, Ken surprised us with a quick getaway to the gulf.  We've visited a friend at their bay house, but have never gone to the beach here in Texas, so this was a first for us in our 12 years in this great state! Of course, I had made a custom road trip map  before heading out.  I also created a meal plan  of fish tacos, shrimp boil, corn chowder, and an easy, yummy grilled peach ice cream dish!  I got every single recipe from this Wide Open Eats article recommending fresh beach house kitchen meals.  The chowder was my favorite. At home, I've been using HEB Curbside for 75% of my grocery shopping.  It was so nice to meal plan for this beach trip, place the order 2 days in advance, (free next-day orders until October 1st) then pick up my groceries