School Adventures Part 1

It's been nothing short of dramatic around here over the past week and a half.  It all started with Tian falling from the dining chair and slicing the back of his head.  He was fine and just needed a bit of Dermabond (superglue) to get put back together.

Then Sunday, the day before the littles' first day of school, Travis took all of the pillows off the back of the new-to-us couch, jumped off the arm onto the couch, and smacked the back of the couch right between his eyes.  We are pretty sure he fractured a bone, because the bridge of his nose instantly grew.  We iced it, gave him some pain reliever, then he took his afternoon nap.  It looked better when he woke, but instantly took on a life of it's own.  It swelled again, about as bit as half a pingpong ball, then started turning blue.  After talking with a nurse and agreeing that he didn't need to be seen by a doctor, he went to bed for the night.  Over the past week, the swelling has gone down and bruising has migrated from the bridge of his nose to under both eyes.  Poor guy!

The progression of his injured nose

The boys did well being dropped off at school Monday.  They were a little bit upset to be left there and fussed about it, but didn't cry or anything.  That made leaving a lot easier for Ken and me.  The next day, though, both boys signed "No!" toward the school when we pulled up.  They've shed a few tears, but always end up having fun.  They are usually smiling by the time we pass outside their classroom window. We're already seeing language improvement, especially in Travis.  It's amazing!

Monday, the older kids, Daphne, my sister and I attended the "Not Back To School" swim party with Austin Area Homeschoolers.  It was fun to see so many homeschooling families!  I was able to meet a fellow video interpreter who works for Z!  Love the small world of both homeschooling and the Deaf community.

Half of the Austin Area Homeschoolers who came to NBTS Pool Day! (See ours?)

The rest of the crew. LOTS of kiddos!

Tuesday was spent grocery shopping, getting a few more things unpacked, organized and put away.  By Wednesday, I was ready to get started with the basic Three Rs with my older kids.  That's when our short public school journey began. (continued)


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