Photo Update

Since I have been totally neglecting my blog, I thought I would update with some photos!  Enjoy!  I keep a pretty steady stream of photos going on Instagram.  Look me up! SARAHRBROWN

The boys enjoy their firefighter hats from the Moon Festival
Moon cake!

The fan celebrated TSD homecoming! 

It's a blur, but that's the fun! The older kids enjoyed
an afternoon at Jumpoline.

As well as a homeschool trip to the Bob Bullock Museum
of Texas History!

Family homeschool PE time is a blast in Austin.
We LOVE the trails out here.

The trampoline, a generous hand-me-down from our
neighbor, has been an endless source of fun and exercise.

We drove up to The Big D to see Pappy, Nana, and
The Alliance Airshow.

The girls managed to get yet another brother
dressed up as a girl.

Travis is writing his name!! The letters are all over
the place, but they are all there!

Tian is also writing 95% of his name!

Visiting Nana and Pappy's sweet neighbors, Mel and Becky.

The Brownies with Ms. Becky.

Where's Tian?

Halloween gifts from Mel and Becky

Chilly afternoon at the park in McKinney.

Cold doesn't take away the fun!


Is someone excited to be at the airshow?

Cam, T, Travis, Ken, Chris, and Ty

Checking out the Marine stuff!

T and Cam

Happy to get some Navy gear.

Teasing my husband! I love him!

Pappy, enjoying the show with the Brownies.

Ken, spinning the boys.

Warm, cozy and napping in the SUV.

So much fun makes you tired!


  1. Sarah, I enjoyed seeing your photos. Your family is beautiful. I found an added bonus seeing Chris and Ty having fun. Those are the times I am grateful for. Thanks.


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