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I post photos on Instagram daily...mostly several pictures per day.  Keep up with us there!


  1. Sarah, it's me, Julie. I'm the lady who talked with you about scary movies. You can email me at Hope to hear from you soon! Also, vp number is 361-248-1638 :-)

  2. Hi Sarah, I'm Lindsey and I've just recently gotten married, started blogging, and am navigating all these new things in my life. My husband and I have talked a lot about adoption from day 1 and have talked about adopting a Deaf/HH child. I stumbled upon your blog because my friend sent me a video of your two precious boys signing in your car and your website was brought up at the end. I'm sure you are incredibly busy :) but if you have a minute to spare I would love to hear about how you found the right place to adopt, the process, and whatever else you'd be willing to share. My email is It's been a joy scrolling through your blog today...thanks for sharing your life online!


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