Our Disney Fantasy

This is a screen shot from the email I sent Ken after seeing Tian's profile on Rainbow Kids the day before his first birthday. (Note the date.)

We had booked a Disney cruise for the following spring and had been counting down the weeks and days since Christmas.  The cruise had been the major gift for the kids. (Not easy to give young kids a vapor gift with a promise of reality over a year away. But when you live debt-free, that's what you have to do for big trips!)

I had opened an email with Tian's file and the girls were looking at it over my shoulder.  They instantly said, "That's our China Bro!!"  I'll never forget telling the Brownies, ages 9, 7, and 6 at the time, that we could not both cruise and adopt.  We'd have to choose one for now and put off the other until later.  Ken and I didn't want to start the adoption process by taking something away from our bio kids against their will, so we asked their opinions, truly caring for their feelings.  I don't think they waited a half second to answer, "Skip the cruise. We can go later with our new brother."

My young kids were not perfect by any means, but they were damn good kids. I don't think I could have been prouder of them. This was the first of many sacrifices they willingly and even enthusiastically made to adopt the boys.

Next month will mark 5 years since our "Gotcha" days and the time has finally come for us to take that Disney Cruise the kids gave up 6 years ago.  They said the wait was totally worth it and now, we go as a family of 7 and we get to enjoy the cruise not just for ourselves, but through the boys' eyes.

We just paid off the cruise, celebrated Travis' 8th birthday, and hit our 100 days remaining in the countdown to the trip, so decided to tell the boys. (We had told the older kids at Christmas, so they've been counting down for 5 months already!!)  We will use the next three months to really nail down calendar concepts with the little boys!

Enjoy the clips of the reveal!


  1. Made me cry. :)

    1. Me, too! But trips are totally your soft spot!

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and this ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE video! I first found your blog years ago through a YouTube video of Travis and Tian signing in their car seats to each other, and I've been a faithful subscriber to your blog ever since. I'm so happy for you guys that you finally get to take this spectacular trip! Yay for you!


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