White House Poetry Jam

It's been an emotional week.  Aside from our own issues with real estate and adoption, we've suffered greatly with friends and family this week.  Marriages ending.  Others on the rocks.  Sick children, fighting to be well.  An 18 year-old son full of promise, now gone from the earth, leaving a precious grieving family, even in their praise and comfort that he is with God Himself.

I'm sure it was partly because of the week that this brought me to tears, but also because of the power with which this man, Joshua Bennett, delivers his message through this passionate poem.  He speaks beautifully about a regret.  I've been friends with many "Tamaras" heard her pain, too.  His poem is moving.  I hope it touches you like it did me. (captioned)


  1. SO glad you posted this. Makes me want to spend more time on learning sign.
    This has been an emotional week for me, too.
    Loving you and praying for you.


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