Tian's Story on YouTube

If you follow this blog, but haven't yet seen Tian's newest video, be sure to check it out!

We are all in our bed, just visiting before sleep time, as usually happens in our house.  Ken had just returned from being gone several days, so Tian was catching him up on some stories.

Last week, I posted a blog about the boys discussing China more and more.  Tian began telling his dad that both Tian and Travis were born in China.  That we waited a long time and they waited a long time, then finally, we flew to China.  It took me this long to get my phone out and start recording!  The video quality isn't great due to lack of light, but you can still see.  His language is excellent here and the story itself was enough to melt this momma's heart.  (For my Deaf friends, at the end, you can hear Ken and TJ laughing.)

Right now, the video only has annotations, which don't show up on mobile devices.  I will caption it soon, but until then, enjoy!  (Also, find other videos, mostly of the boys, on our YouTube channel.)


  1. ahhh I cant! :) He is So cute! Is So expressive in sharing his story! Beautiful!!!!!!!! Had to watch 2x and it made me smile big ~hugs~

  2. Incredible. ♡♥


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