Life Story

We know so little about our boys, so we get excited with each little thing we learn.  Today, I did some research on the Sanming Social Welfare Institute, where Xu is currently living.
I like how the building looks a bit like a castle, although his life there is far from a fairytale.
Here are the only other photos I could find anywhere online.  Pretty views from the orphanage; quite different than the very urban area where Tian lives.
Xu's home until we can get him. This is during construction in 2005.
View from the SWI

On YouTube, we found this video from 2007:
This shows a girl with a cleft lip and palate being cared for by the nannies at Sanming SWI.  This is home to our little Xu “Travis”, who we learned the nannies call “En En”.  
We will come get you soon, little one!

*Note: April 2011. This may not be the SWI where he lives.  Trying to find out.


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